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Pukhraj Ortho Care Kit

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MANUFACTURER/MARKETER:  Pukhraj Health Care Pvt. Ltd.

  • 2 x Instant Pain Relief oil
  • 2 x Noni Ultra Premium Plus
  • 1 x Ortho Specialist

Information about Pukhraj Ortho Care Kit

  • A natural approach to support relief from musculoskeletal discomfort by repairing the joint membrane and reducing the inflammatory response.  Rich source of natural Calcium that is helpful in healthy bone formation, re-establishing bone mineral density, protecting joints, tissues and improving joint mobility. Also helps to relieve pain, stiffness, soothe muscle spasm and improve degenerative changes in arthritic bones.

Key Benefits

  • Benefits of Instant Pain Relief Oil
    • It helps to control the accumulation of toxins & provide healthy movement of joints.
    • Its strengthens your joints, muscles and ligaments naturally and eradicates pain.
    • It penetrates through the skin layers to the joints easily and enhances the lubrication between the joints while reducing swelling and pain.
    • It increases the blood circulation speeding the recovery of the damaged joints and inflammatory tissues around the joint.


  • Benefits of Noni Ultra Premium Plus
    • Health Tonic: As a health tonic, it helps in boosting the immunity level of the body preventing many diseases. Helps to strengthen bones & tissues.
    • Energizer: It helps enhance stamina, energy & strength in the body. Helps to increase muscle mass & reduce body fat.
    • Brain Tonic: As a brain tonic it helps in improving the ability and capacity of the brain.
    • Stress Buster: Helps to relieve stress & anxiety free and helps to neutralize diseases caused by stress.
      Memory Booster: Improve memory, concentration & focus.
    • Improves Concentration: Helps to increase concentration in studies and sports.
    • Mental Growth: By rejuvenating Immunity, it helps to tone up the brain, sharpen intellect and increase the mental power.
    • Purification of Blood: Helps in purification of blood, kidney & liver. Also helps in Improving Haemoglobin percentage and RBC count.
    • Protection of Heart: Helps to control cholesterol & protect heart.
    • Inflammation: Helps to alleviate swelling & pain. Women Health Tonic: It is helpful in providing relief from physical and mental fatigue and other illness in women like anaemia, leucorrhoea, Urinary tract infections, etc.
    • Slowing Down Ageing: Helps to revitalize the cells & slow down ageing. Helps to make you feel younger.
    • Power Booster: Helps to cure fatigue and weakness in the body and increase strength. Helps to resist various diseases & promote overall wellness. Improves Eye Health: The regular use of it can provide remedy to the people with weak eyesight, watery eyes and other eye muscle related weaknesses.


  • Benefits of Ortho Specialist 
    • It helps to ease pain, reduce swelling, and improve mobility in arthritis or osteoarthritis. It appears to be especially helpful in osteoarthritis of the knee, relieving knee pain, knee jerking, swelling and pain while walking.
    • It helps to increase bone mass, relieving joint pain and helps attaining physical stamina. It also has mild anti-inflammatory properties, which helps reducing inflammation and relieving pain.
    • It gives relief in painful joints, pain in back, pain in muscles, gout, sciatica, frozen shoulder,  inflammation of a nerve and many other similar ailments.
    • It helps to provide relief from pain and inflammation of the muscles and the joints caused due to injury as well as internal ailments. It is loaded with ‘Vitamin C’  which is one of the best natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory agents. It is useful in headache, muscle aches, paralysis, pains in the limbs, weakness and improving blood circulation.  It works well to heal fractures too.

Directions for Use

  • Instant Pain Relief Oil
    Apply Pukhraj Herbal-55 Instant Pain Relief oil on the affected area as required. If require massage gently with finger for 3-5 minutes on the affected area in circular motion. Keep the massaged area warm by covering with any article of clothing. Repeat application if pain persists. 
  • Noni Ultra Premium Plus
    10 mL. dose two times a day (for ages 4-10 yrs),
    20 mL. dose two times a day (for ages 11-18 yrs) and
    30 ml dose two times a day (for ages 18 yrs & above).
    Diluted in a glass of water in the morning and evening 30 minutes before meal or as directed by the Physician. 
  • Ortho Specialist
    One Capsule in the morning and one Capsule at night after meal with luke warm water or as directed by the Physician.


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